Without water and milk, but you need 1 spoon! Delicious recipe.

This particular recipe is prepared without milk or water, but you will need a tablespoon. But everyone should have one at home. In our new recipe video, we show you how to prepare a delicious yeast dough dessert yourself. The yeast dough is easy to make and the result is always moist and delicious. With our step-by-step recipe, everyone can become a baker and prepare a dessert on yeast dough. Watch the video and be inspired by our recipe. Have fun!

 Ingredients: For the yeast dough: 200 g wheat flour (1⅔ cup) 1 packet of dry baking yeast 75 g sugar (⅓ cup + 1 tbsp) 1 packet vanilla sugar 1 pinch of salt Some grated lemon zest 1 egg (size M) 50 g butter or margarine, room temperature (1.8 oz) 250 g low-fat cottage cheese (8.8 oz) 75 g raisins (⅓ cup)

Additionally: cooking oil Some fine granulated sugar




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