The Smallest Cow In The World Is The Size Of a Small Dog

Cows are typically known for their large size and gentle nature, but one breed of cow bucks that trend. The world’s smallest cow, the Vechur cow, is roughly the same size as a small dog.

The Vechur cow is native to the Indian state of Kerala, where it has been bred for centuries for its milk and meat. Unlike other breeds of cow, which can weigh upwards of 1,500 pounds, the Vechur cow weighs only around 200 pounds and stands just two to three feet tall.

Despite its diminutive size, the Vechur cow is known for its hardiness and resilience. It is able to survive in hot and humid climates, and is resistant to many common diseases. It is also a prolific producer of milk, with some cows producing up to four liters per day.

The Vechur cow has become something of a local icon in Kerala, and efforts are underway to preserve the breed and promote its unique characteristics. Its small size and hardiness make it well-suited to small-scale farming operations and backyard homesteads, and it serves as a reminder that sometimes, good things come in small packages.




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