The American Got Her License. But Instead Of Her Photo There Was A Picture Of An Empty Chair. Now There Is No End To The Jokes

We’ve all had our fair share of DMV horror stories, but few can match the bizarre situation that one American woman found herself in when she received her driver’s license. Instead of her photo, there was a picture of an empty chair. The incident has since become the source of countless jokes and memes, and has even inspired its own hashtag on social media.

The woman in question, Jade Dodd, had recently moved to a new state and was applying for a new driver’s license. She had followed all the usual procedures, including taking a photo and paying the necessary fees. However, when her license arrived in the mail, she was surprised to find that her photo had been replaced with a picture of an empty chair.

Dodd was understandably confused and frustrated by the mistake, but she also saw the humor in the situation. She shared a photo of her bizarre license on social media, where it quickly went viral. People from all over the world chimed in with their own jokes and puns, and the hashtag #chairgirl was born.

Despite the embarrassment and inconvenience of the situation, Dodd has taken it all in stride. She has even embraced her newfound fame, and has appeared on numerous TV shows and news outlets to share her story. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of humor and resilience in the face of unexpected setbacks, and of the power of social media to turn a potentially embarrassing situation into a moment of levity and connection.




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